Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What love Feels like :

What love feels like:

ancient sized big-beautiful-Butterflies,

shredding my tiny chest, opening my most precious

insides to the warm-wet-world ---

they're flying out of me, wings fluttering

as fast as it takes a star to sprinkle the earth with light

they're dust sprinkling my own body with passion --

Suddenly, a black-eyed-vulture swoops down

from a tear-filled cloud and vacuums the butterflies

into his rotted-wrinkled mouth , disliking their taste ,

spits them out onto the cracked pavement and the

pretty insects are soon squashed by a child's bicycle

leaving only a smear of their guts on the syringed littered sidewalk.

Marilyn Metzger

2011 , Levittown

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