Sunday, April 29, 2012

when the party ends

you went to a rooftop party, last night, to get your mind out of your slump
but you only found yourself looking for a good spot to jump
it's all over anyway, you thought with watery eyes
people think you're wise but little do they know that you're hiding in disguise
on the train ride home you contemplated his energy fueled lovin'
and now that he's gone the only thing you can do is keep on trucking
it's daylight now, as you return to your loft
birds whisper chimes to each other, the sounds are so soft
but your mattress is hard, your empty walls are hard, your heart : a rock
when he came he swooped down and bit out your insides, just like a hawk
you really start to learn how backwards the world is when you reveal your true love to be a faker 
you stand, exiled in the shadowy void, existing only with hatred
why do things gotta be this way? : you think
you were left there to cry, left there to die, left there to sink.
nothing but you and all your battle wounds
no desire or direction for anywhere light, some nights you just follow the moon.
he's somewhere out in america, somewhere warm
he's livin' in a pace as fast as the particles swimming blindly around in a dust storm.
yet your still living the norm, because that's the way he left you
you sit in his chair, stranded, hoping just anybody would accept you
you crack open another budweiser, you have no place to be
wearily singing "hey mr. tambourine man, play a song for me"
but such a tune won't even help
not even a tambourine man can save you from yourself
you sleep off most of the days to avoid despair
but the winter has gone, it's spring time and all that surrounds you is the love in the air
it's like 1,001 tiny knifes all trying to claim your life
you pray to a god you don't even know, just to get through the night.

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